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Off Ramp Publishing began in 2005 as a way for its founder, Lorraine Fisher, to forge her own career path, while helping other aspiring writers publish their books without the help of major publishing houses, most of which do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.


Lorraine was inspired to take the “off ramp” from the traditional 8-to-5 workplace after realizing that neither a full-time office career nor a part-time “punch the clock” kind of job was ideal for her while caring for her 10 month old daughter. So, she left her fundraising job at a nonprofit organization and founded her publishing company. After reading an article in the Harvard Business Review and a report by the Center for Work-Life Policy, Lorraine learned that hundreds of other highly qualified women were also “opting-out” of the workforce, dissatisfied with the support (or lack thereof) of their employers and unsure how to get back on after raising their families.


One of the goals of Off Ramp Publishing is to support women in business, particularly those who juggle career and family. We are proud of our alliances with other women writers, graphic designers, illustrators, , and women-owned printing companies. For more information on publishing fiction or nonfiction through Off Ramp, please .

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